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Fear Of Pregnancy Trumps Concern For HIV/AIDS: Urgent Need For Shift In Priorities And Education

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On September 8, 2023, the Uganda Aids Commission (UAC) highlighted a concerning surge in HIV prevalence among young individuals, particularly girls. Out of 30,000 new HIV infections, 70% were reported in women aged 15-25 years. Kizza Lubega, the head of the counseling department at Makerere University Joint Aids Programme (MJAP), expressed that the youth lack awareness about HIV causes and prevention methods. Lubega emphasized that many engage in unprotected sex with multiple partners, making it challenging to track HIV statuses.

Lubega, also overseeing adolescents and adults at Mulago Hospital, noted a preference for unprotected sex over using the morning-after pill for pregnancy prevention. He recommended the use of condoms and vaginal rings for HIV/AIDS prevention and contraception. Sharon Arach Oyat, spokesperson for the Uganda Peoples Congress (UPC), argued that the government’s focus on contraceptives created a gap, allowing HIV infections to rise.

Arach expressed concern over the impact of donor pullouts on the fight against the disease, urging the government to allocate sufficient funds to address the escalating numbers. She emphasized the need for parliamentary attention to the matter. Arach called for increased sex education in urban families and heightened sensitization efforts in schools and communities. With the current HIV prevalence affecting 1.5 million Ugandans, mainly through heterosexual transmission, the situation demands urgent attention and resources.

In a broader context, the challenges of combating HIV in Uganda involve not only health issues but also societal factors, including the lack of comprehensive sex education and potential impacts of donor support withdrawal.

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