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Pan-African Pyramid to Bring Christmas Joy to Kyaka II Refugees

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By Gad Masereka

In the spirit of compassion and solidarity, the Pan-African Pyramid, led by its Speaker, Andrew Irumba Katushabe, is gearing up for a special Christmas visit to Kyaka II Refugee Camp. The visit is scheduled for December 22nd, 2023, as part of the organization’s ongoing efforts to bring relief and support to those in need.

Today, Speaker Andrew Irumba Katushabe undertook a journey of hundreds of kilometers to Kyaka II Refugee Camp, located in the heart of Uganda. The purpose of this trip was to assess the conditions and finalize plans for the upcoming visit on December 22nd.

During the visit, Speaker Katushabe engaged in fruitful discussions with Mr. David Mugenyi, the Commandant of Kyaka II Refugees Settlement. They discussed various aspects, including the distribution methods and criteria for the relief aid that will be delivered on December 18th. The focus will be on reaching the most vulnerable groups within the refugee community, such as new arrivals, women, girls, children, the elderly, individuals with disabilities, and those living with HIV.

“I have learned that we have to look at the most vulnerable groups… This prior engagement was therefore extremely crucial. I thank the Office of the Prime Minister (Department of Refugees) and the on-ground commandant and control leadership structures for the good reception and cooperation,” said Speaker Katushabe.

The Pan-African Pyramid’s initiative aims to spread joy and alleviate the challenges faced by refugees during the festive season. The organization underscores the importance of organizing collective efforts to address the needs of vulnerable communities.

The official visit to Kyaka II Refugee Camp on December 22nd is anticipated to bring not only relief aid but also a message of hope and solidarity to the refugees. The Pan-African Pyramid continues to embody its motto, “Africa, Don’t Agonize, Organize!” as it actively participates in initiatives that contribute to the welfare and upliftment of communities across the continent.

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