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Father Arrested For Defiling His Own 9-year-old Twin Daughters To Get Quick Wealth

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  • In a shocking incident in Kamuli district, a 40-year-old man has been apprehended for allegedly defiling his nine-year-old twin daughters under the guise of a ritual to amass quick wealth.

Silver Kadhumbula, residing in Ndaliike village, Namwendwa town council, was taken into custody by local authorities after his wife, distressed by the disturbing events, reported the matter. The wife, whose identity is protected, disclosed that Kadhumbula frequently spent time alone with the twin girls while she worked in the garden with their other children.

Initially, no suspicions arose due to the familial relationship. However, a previous incident raised concerns when the wife unexpectedly returned home and found Kadhumbula lying in bed with the twins. His explanation that they were unwell and he was providing comfort seemed plausible at the time.

Growing uneasy with Kadhumbula’s behavior, the wife sought assistance from her in-laws, who cautioned him. As the disturbing acts persisted, she decided to involve local leaders. Currently held at Namwendwa police station, Kadhumbula claimed that a wealthy friend in Kamuli municipality introduced him to a shrine.

“My childhood friend, who is remarkably wealthy, advised me to visit a shrine, where the ritualist directed me to engage in this horrific act with my twin daughters,” he stated.

Kadhumbula justified his actions, asserting that twins possess supernatural wealth-generating powers, and establishing a sexual connection with them could extend this prosperity to the entire household. Although he did not specify the duration of these practices, he believed the rituals would yield blessings, including abundant harvests, facilitating the acquisition of a car, a spacious house, and modern education for his children.

Pius Mugweri, Namwendwa town council LC III chairperson, alerted police detectives to thoroughly investigate Kadhumbula’s suspicious behavior. He emphasized the prevalence of superstitious beliefs in the community, linking wealth and health to occult practices.

Namwendwa police station’s officer in charge, Sowedi Nuwagaba, confirmed the incident, indicating that Kadhumbula faces charges of aggravated defilement and child abuse. The victims provided statements and underwent medical examinations, confirming the occurrence of sexual penetration. Ongoing investigations include a comprehensive mental evaluation of Kadhumbula to assess his mental state in relation to the charges against him.

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