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Uganda Bureau of Statistics Welcomes New Board Members to Inform Key Decisions for the Country



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By : Hason Mutunzi Bwambale 

Kampala, Uganda – The Uganda Bureau of Statistics (UB) has inaugurated a new board of members, led by Dr. Albert Byamugisha as the Chairman. The swearing-in ceremony was held at the Statistics House and administered by Principle Judge Flavian Zeija. The event marks the 5th inauguration of the UBOS board and aims to strengthen the bureau’s ability to inform critical decisions for the country.

Dr. Byamugisha, a renowned statistician and economist, expressed his gratitude for the opportunity to lead the board. He emphasized the importance of accurate and reliable data in driving effective policy-making and planning, stating, “Statistics are the backbone of informed decisions, and it is our responsibility as a board to ensure that UBOS continues its vital work in providing accurate and timely information.”

Joining Dr. Byamugisha on the board are esteemed professionals from various fields. Dr. Allen Kabagenyi, Ms. Rosette Nakavuma, Ms. Irene Birungi, Dr. Rogers Matte, Dr. Jacob Opolot, and Dr. Chris Mukiza bring expertise in areas such as economics, social sciences, and data analysis. Their collective knowledge and experience are expected to contribute significantly to UBOS’ mission.

Principle Judge Flavian Zeija commended UBOS for its commitment to transparency by inviting him to administer the oaths of secrecy for the new board members. He emphasized that trustworthy and confidential data collection are necessary to protect individuals’ privacy while ensuring the accuracy and reliability of statistical reports.

Underlining the significance of the UBOS board’s work, Amos Lugolobi, the State Minister for Planning in the Ministry of Finance, Planning, and Economic Development, officiated the ceremony. He called upon the newly inaugurated board members to uphold the trust placed in them and to remain steadfast in their commitment to their oath.

In his address, Lugolobi recognized the extensive efforts of the UBOS in collecting and analyzing data that forms the foundation for critical decision-making in Uganda. He stressed the importance of data-driven policies in fostering socio-economic development, saying, “Accurate statistics allow us to understand the current state of the nation, identify trends, and devise strategies to address challenges and promote growth.”

The newly inaugurated board will work closely with UBOS’ Executive Director and staff to ensure that the bureau maintains its high standards and continues to provide reliable data that informs key decisions across various sectors, including finance, education, health, and agriculture.

The appointment of the respected professionals to the UBOS board inspires confidence and sets a positive trajectory for the bureau’s future. With their expertise, collective vision, and commitment to accurate data collection, Uganda can look forward to evidence-based policies and sustainable development for years to come. 

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