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Nabbanja Advises Gomba Residents on Leveraging UDB for Loans to Boost Agriculture

Land Allocated to Gomba Residents by President Exploited; Nabbanja Vows to Take Action Against Land Grabbing



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By Ivan Kaahwa

On November 24, 2023, Prime Minister Robinah Nabbanja visited Gomba to support farmers and the community. She encouraged residents to consider loans from the Uganda Development Bank to enhance their farming efforts. During the visit, the Prime Minister toured Mr. Kalera’s farm, managing 2 hectares with 3000 cows producing 1000 liters of milk daily. Inspired by the President, Kalera transitioned to commercial farming four years ago. While his main product is milk, priced at 1000/= per liter, he expressed the need for support in value addition. Kalera is actively involved in teaching other farmers best practices and employs a workforce of 60. The Prime Minister encouraged him to open his farm for other farmers eager to learn.

Addressing challenges faced by Gomba residents, the Prime Minister acknowledged livestock diseases and theft. She assured the community that experts from the Ministry of Agriculture would address diseases, and measures like roadblocks would be implemented to combat theft.

Gomba residents have embraced irrigation, with 74 farmers benefiting from educational demonstrations. Thirteen farmers received substantial support in the form of 50 goats each. The Prime Minister emphasized transparency in the distribution of these animals by local leaders. The agriculture sector in Gomba received a substantial boost with the issuance of 60,000 coffee seedlings by the Uganda Coffee Development Authority (UCDA). The government also provided modernized milking equipment, set for an imminent launch.

The Prime Minister highlighted the President’s continual emphasis on agricultural mechanization, with the Uganda Development Bank (UDP) offering loans of up to 20 million to farmers with land, specifically for purchasing tractors. Encouraging locals to maximize their land for commercial gains, the Prime Minister suggested engaging in intensive farming, citing examples such as planting onions, tomatoes, and Irish potatoes.

Dr. Anna Rose, a representative from the Ministry of Agriculture, pledged support for small-scale cattle farming, incorporating modernized technology. In a bid to enhance productivity, Farmers received three diesel tractors capable of working on 2 hectares each.

To address concerns raised by locals, particularly regarding grabbing the land offered to them by the President, the Prime Minister assured that legal consequences awaited those involved.

On the infrastructural front, the Prime Minister announced government funding for free household electricity connections, covering both meters and wiring. She also pledged support for the refurbishment of the town council road, essential for transporting raw materials in Kapeeka for tile production.

In the realm of education, the Prime Minister mentioned that Minister of State for Higher Education, John Chrysestom Muyingo, would assess the need for a new school to enhance learning opportunities.

A health camp conducted during the visit identified health issues within the community, with 3 out of 70 individuals testing positive for cancer and 6 out of over 200 testing positive for tuberculosis. The Prime Minister committed to providing free treatment, particularly for a child requiring 4 million, prompted by a local’s plea during the visit.

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