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Tragic Loss: 2 Lives Claimed in Fatal Motorcycle Accident in Rukungiri

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In Rukungiri district, an inquiry is underway into the tragic collision that swiftly claimed two lives.

ASP Elly Maate, the police spokesperson Kigezi Region, revealed that the incident unfolded on Thursday, November 23, around 4 PM at Rwengiri village along Rukungiri-Kanungu Road.

Involved were two motorcycles, UEW 244H and UEO 609L, ridden by the now-deceased Baganda Julius and Barnabas Niwebyona, respectively. The collision resulted in a fatal head-on crash, leaving one rider dead on the spot and the other succumbing upon arrival at Doctors Case Medicals in Rukungiri. Two additional victims sustained injuries.

Police have visited the scene, conducted postmortems, and the motorcycles await inspection at Rukungiri Police yard. This tragedy follows another fatal accident the day before, where a 19-year-old motorcyclist, Peter Musinguzi, lost his life in a collision with a bus along Rukungiri-Ntungamo road.

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