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Minister Evelyn Anite Unveils Bold Plans for Uganda’s Economic Growth

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By Gad Masereka

In a resolute address at the Uganda Media Centre, Honorable Minister Evelyn Annite, the Minister of State Privatization and Investment ·, unveiled ambitious plans to propel Uganda’s economic growth through the upcoming Presidential Investors Conference.

The Minister addressed critical investment issues and operational challenges faced by businesses in the country. The highlight of her message was a call to businesses across Uganda to participate in a groundbreaking presentation — the Presidential Investors Conference scheduled for the 29th.

“This conference is not just an ordinary event; it is a game-changer,” Minister Annite declared, emphasizing the unique platform it offers for businesses to address and tackle challenges collectively.

The conference, aptly named the “Presidential Investors Conference,” aims to focus on key sectors such as commercial agriculture, manufacturing, ICT, and service industries. Minister Annite urged businesses to formalize their operations, ensuring a legal entity status for attendance.

“As we tackle investors’ challenges, we aim not only to attract but to ensure their seamless integration into our country’s economic landscape,” she added.

The Minister’s comprehensive approach outlined sector-specific conferences, emphasizing the importance of addressing the diverse needs of investors. She particularly highlighted the significance of the ICT sector, urging young entrepreneurs to formalize their businesses for participation.

The speech seamlessly transitioned to the overarching goal of the conference — addressing corruption and bureaucracy. Minister Annite unveiled plans for the establishment of an Investors Protection Unit to safeguard investors from corruption within the Uganda Investment Authority (UIA).

“We want to ensure that investors are not only attracted but also protected,” she asserted, underlining the President’s commitment to fighting corruption and streamlining bureaucratic processes.

The Minister announced an open platform for investors to voice their concerns, frustrations, and challenges during the conference, providing a unique opportunity for direct interaction and problem-solving.

In a collaborative effort, Minister Annite disclosed partnerships with private sector foundations to enhance training processes, aiming to empower individuals for the benefit of the business community.

The Minister also extended a call to action for potential investors to register on the UIA website, marking the beginning of a new era in Uganda’s economic landscape.

The upcoming Presidential Investors Conference stands as a testament to Uganda’s commitment to fostering a conducive environment for investors, with Minister Annite leading the charge towards a more resilient and vibrant economy.

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