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Witchcraft, Emerging Faith based movements Should Worry All of Us, Here’s Why!

Ivan Kaahwa – Journalist



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By Ivan Kaahwa

There is a growing trend in Uganda where the perception of illness and misfortune has shifted from natural causes to accusations of witchcraft, poisoning, or foul play.

This shift is fueled by an increasing number of faith best movements promoting the idea that ancestral curses are holding individuals back.Young men and women flock to these worship territories, where leaders or warlocks attribute all failures to supposed ancestral curses or bondage passed down through generations.

Meanwhile, others create unnecessary panic, alleging that people are being witchhunted by friends or workmates, to the extent that they are given tasks to drive away the bad omen. Parents, once held in deep respect, are now painted as enemies, accused of leaving behind curses that hinder their descendants’ progress.

The expectations set by these beliefs are unrealistic, with followers anticipating financial success, visas, cars, houses, and marriage without putting in the necessary effort. The narrative revolves around breaking the alleged generational curses, often blaming spirits or family members for perceived setbacks.

This newfound faith has led some to neglect personal hygiene, jobs, self discipline, intelligence, creativity and parenting responsibilities, as they believe their challenges stem from external forces rather than personal actions.

Faith based movements and several other domains capitalize on these fears, profiting from the sale of oils, books, and investments in media like televisions, radios, the internet, and recordings promising to break curses and witchcraft.Marriages are strained as partners seek supernatural explanations for relationship issues, overlooking personal behaviors that may be contributing to the problems.

The societal impact is alarming, as a superstitious and lazy mindset takes root, hindering progress and personal responsibility.Even the well-educated have fallen prey to these scams, contributing to a potential generational crisis. This departure from traditional faith, problem-solving, and a focus on the healing power of Jesus raises concerns about the future of Ugandan society.

It is crucial for Ugandan society to address and counteract this growing trend as it threatens to erode critical values and personal responsibility. The need for a shift towards faith in a higher power, detached from superstitions and blame, is crucial for the well-being and progress of the nation.As Uganda grapples with this alarming rise in witchcraft or nonexistent beliefs, it is imperative to remember that societies responsible for historical atrocities thrive without attributing generational curses to their forefathers.

It is time to reject baseless superstitions and focus on real solutions for personal and societal development.

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