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Opposition Candidate Joseph Nyumah Boakai Defeats  Liberia President George Weah In A Tight Contest 



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By : Hason Mutunzi Bwambale 

In a historic turn of events, Liberia’s President George Weah has lost the presidential election to the opposition candidate, former Vice President Joseph Nyumah Boakai. The Electoral Commission announced the election results, which revealed that the Unity Party, led by Boakai, secured 50.89% of the votes, while Weah’s Coalition for Democratic Change garnered 49.11%.

The announcement came as a surprise to many, as Liberia’s football legend-turned-politician, Weah, had been serving as the country’s president since 2018. During his tenure, Weah’s charismatic leadership style resonated with a significant portion of the population, with a focus on youth empowerment and economic development. However, despite his popularity, the incumbent president failed to secure enough votes for re-election.

The victory for the Unity Party signifies a return to leadership for Joseph Nyumah Boakai, who previously served as Vice President under former President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf. Boakai’s extensive political experience and his vision for inclusive governance resonated with a wide range of Liberians, leading to his successful campaign and electoral triumph.

As Liberia prepares for a new chapter under President-Elect Boakai’s leadership, the nation looks towards the implementation of his agenda for progress and development. The challenges ahead include addressing economic disparities, consolidating peace and security, strengthening governance institutions, and tackling social issues such as education and healthcare.

International leaders and organizations have expressed their congratulations to President-Elect Boakai, emphasizing their commitment to working closely with Liberia to support its continued development and democratic progress.

The peaceful transition of power in Liberia reaffirms the country’s commitment to democracy and sets an example for other nations across the region. As the nation celebrates this democratic milestone, all eyes are now on President-Elect Joseph Nyumah Boakai as he assumes the presidency and begins the task of steering Liberia towards a brighter future.

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