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Hebrews Choir Excited To Serve With Micah Family During Campmeeting At SDA Church – Munuki

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By Hason Mutunzi Bwambale 

 Munuki, Juba, South Sudan : In an inspiring Sabbath gathering at the SDA Church in Munuki, Juba, South Sudan, members of the Hebrews Choir discovered that the Campmeeting service was arranged according to families. The choir expressed their enthusiasm in serving alongside the Micah Family, one of the organizing families for the day.

The highlight of the day was the thought-provoking sermon delivered by guest speaker Pastor Gumisiriza James from the Mpigi District in Central Uganda Conference, Uganda. As the first speaker of the week, Pastor James captivated the congregation with his introductory sermon, setting the tone for what is expected to be a spiritually enriching Campmeeting.

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Hebrews Choir

The Campmeeting, a week-long event, is centered on fostering a sense of community and spiritual growth among church members. By organizing the service based on families, the church aims to create an environment where everyone can actively participate and contribute to the worship experience. This innovative approach ensures that each family is responsible for different aspects of the service, thereby encouraging a deeper connection and accountability within the church community.

Visibly excited about serving with the Micah Family, the Hebrews Choir showcased their dedication and musical talents by leading the congregation in praise and worship. Their harmonious melodies and heartfelt performances added a special touch to the Sabbath service, leaving attendees feeling uplifted and encouraged.

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Hebrews Choir

Members of the church expressed their appreciation for the unique approach to the Campmeeting service, emphasizing that it not only promotes a sense of unity but also strengthens familial bonds within the church. The congregation eagerly anticipates the upcoming services throughout the week, which will be led by various families, including Joel Family, Malachi Family, and Amos Family.

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Hebrews Choir

Overall, the Sabbath at SDA Church in Munuki, Juba, South Sudan, was well spent as the Hebrews Choir embraced the concept of family-oriented service during the Campmeeting. The thought-provoking sermon by Pastor Gumisiriza James set the stage for a spiritually fulfilling week ahead, with each family taking turns to lead and participate in the worship experience.

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