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President Museveni Cautions Amuru District Leaders Against Bad Politics

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By Hason Mutunzi Bwambale

President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni met with leaders from Amuru District Local Government at State House Entebbe on November 7, 2023. During the discussions, the President, along with figures such as District LC5 Chairperson Mr. Michael Lakony and District Councilors, addressed various development-related issues affecting the region.

One of the central themes of their conversation was the importance of enhancing household incomes among the people they lead to combat poverty and enhance their living standards. President Museveni emphasized the need to prioritize income-generating activities, particularly through commercial agriculture. He promoted the “four-acre model” as a means to achieve this, where households could cultivate crops like coffee, fruits, pasture for livestock, and food crops, alongside engaging in poultry, piggery, and fish farming.

In addition to this, President Museveni cautioned against divisive and tribal politics, emphasizing the importance of uniting under a common national identity rather than focusing on tribal affiliations. He stressed that bad politics has been a significant obstacle to Uganda’s progress.

The President also encouraged leaders to address issues such as education, healthcare, and infrastructure after tackling the core problems of poverty and divisive politics. He supported the idea of land titling in Amuru and pledged assistance to councilors seeking higher education.

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Moreover, President Museveni promised 2,000 iron sheets to improve the condition of schools in Amuru and expressed his commitment to supporting development initiatives in the area. District Chairperson Mr. Michael Lakony acknowledged the President’s visionary leadership and the positive impact of government programs like the Parish Development Model in Amuru.

Mr. Lakony also requested President Museveni to establish demonstration farms for the four-acre model initiative to promote commercial agriculture in Amuru and the Acholi sub-region. He highlighted the negative impact of divisive politics on development, citing instances where politicians hindered government projects, such as irrigation, with unfounded claims about land grabs.

Furthermore, Mr. Lakony urged the President to develop a favorable legal framework for customary land to facilitate development in the Acholi sub-region, addressing concerns related to land ownership and customs while promoting reconciliation among the community.

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