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Mother Allegedly Murders Her Two Young Children, Community Remain In Shock

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By Gad Masereka

A heart-wrenching and horrifying incident has unfolded in the Kiira region and Jinja district, as the Territorial Police have taken into custody a mother identified as Mwase Rose. She stands accused of the alleged double murder of her own children, Babirye China, a 5-year-old, and Claire Sowati, a 1-year-old. The father of the children, Kagoda Paul, a 23-year-old peasant from the same village, is also entangled in the chilling turn of events.

The grim details reveal that on October 27, 2023, while Kagoda Paul was away doing casual work in Ngongwe, Buikwe district, the suspect, Mwase Rose, reportedly buried her two young children within the confines of their own sitting room. Upon his return on October 30, Kagoda Paul was met with the horrifying discovery of an empty home and the absence of his beloved daughters.

Faced with the absence of a plausible explanation from his wife, Kagoda Paul decided to seek answers from concerned neighbors. They informed him that they had last seen his children three days earlier, playing around their home. A frantic search of the premises led to the chilling discovery of a fresh grave within their own sitting room, where the lifeless bodies of his daughters lay.

Swift action was taken, and the suspect, Mwase Rose, was apprehended and subsequently handed over to the Budondo police station. The gruesome crime scene was secured and revisited on October 31, 2023, by a team of investigative and forensic experts from the Kiira region. The father of the victims, who happens to be a traditional healer, found himself under investigation, especially after the headless body of one-year-old Sowati Claire was found to be missing. It was a grim revelation that her severed head had been recovered along with the lifeless body of her elder sister.

The unfolding tragedy has sent shockwaves through the community, and the fact that the victims met their demise at the hands of their own mother has left many grappling with disbelief and sorrow. Every child, irrespective of their circumstances, holds the fundamental right to life, and this tragic incident underscores the importance of safeguarding that right.

Currently, Mwase Rose faces charges of double murder, and as the investigation continues, the community is left in mourning for the loss of two innocent lives and grappling with the haunting question of how such a tragedy could occur within a family that was meant to provide protection and care.

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