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South Africa’s Malema Labels Israel’s Netanyahu A Terrorist, Denounces Israel’s War As Evil, Not Holy

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By Ivan Kaahwa

The ongoing conflict between Israel and Palestine continues to ravage both nations, resulting in widespread destruction and the tragic loss of thousands of lives, including innocent children, women, and men. 

Tensions between Hamas in Gaza and Netanyahu’s Israel have further escalated the situation, leaving both sides grappling with the devastating consequences of resistance.

Julius Malema, the outspoken President of the Economic Freedom Fighters an opposition political party in South Africa, delivered a passionate speech in front of the Israeli Embassy, demanding the closure of the embassy and urging retailers to cease selling Israeli goods.

Malema, known for his fearless nature, contextualized the Israeli-Palestinian conflict within South Africa’s history, emphasizing solidarity with Palestine as a crucial stance in these challenging times.

Malema condemned the Israeli government’s actions, particularly the bombing of hospitals and civilian areas, highlighting the innocent lives lost in the pursuit of Hamas. 

He compared the struggles of Palestinians to South Africa’s own fight against apartheid, stressing the importance of standing up for freedom when oppressed. Malema drew parallels between Hamas and iconic figures like Nelson Mandela, Winnie Mandela, and Oliver Reginald Tambo, who took up arms to liberate their territories with support from the international progressive world that gave them guns, camps, doctors and food. Malema emphasized that these figures were once labeled terrorists but were seen as liberators by those who supported their cause.

The South African EFF leader criticized international condemnation of Hamas, labeling it an act of cowardice. He argued that this condemnation is unjust, considering Israel’s historical occupation of Palestinian land, leaving Palestinians with little to nothing. In his view, Palestinians have nothing left to lose, yet they remain oppressed and chained by the circumstances

He announced plans for the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) to support Hamas if it comes into power, providing necessary equipment to aid their fight for freedom. 

Malema labeled Netanyahu as the top terrorist, accusing him of committing genocide in the name of fighting Hamas. His impassioned speech echoed the sentiment that the war in Palestine is not a holy war but an evil one, and that South Africa as a beneficiary of international solidarity can not sit back and watch Palestinians being oppressed by Israel. 

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