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Security Forces Deployed Heavily At NUP Offices Ahead Of Makerere Kavule Office Launch

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In a show of force, both the police and army have deployed heavily at the newly established National Unity Platform (NUP) offices in Kawempe Division, Kampala. The intended opening ceremony, scheduled to take place today, has been marred by the presence of security forces, who have disrupted preparations for the event. This development follows a warning issued by Kawempe’s deputy Resident City Commissioner (RCC), Yasin Ndidde, urging the NUP leadership to suspend the event due to unspecified “VIP activities” taking place in the division.

The National Unity Platform, headed by party president Robert Kyagulanyi, also known as Bobi Wine, had planned to officially open their offices in Kawempe Division today. However, the anticipation quickly turned sour as a heavy deployment of police and army personnel swarmed the area, blocking access to the premises and disrupting the planned activities.

Kawempe’s deputy RCC, Yasin Ndidde, had issued a warning to NUP leaders just two days prior to the event, advising them to postpone the opening ceremony. The warning was based on the purported existence of “a lot of other VIP activities” scheduled to take place in the division. However, no further details were provided regarding these activities, leaving NUP leaders perplexed and frustrated by the lack of transparency surrounding the disruption.

Eyewitnesses on the scene reported a tense atmosphere, with security forces erecting barricades, restricting movement, and preventing party members from accessing the premises. NUP supporters expressed their dismay and disappointment, viewing the heavy deployment as an attempt to stifle their political activities and undermine their right to gather peacefully.

NUP officials, including party president Robert Kyagulanyi, have yet to comment on the situation. It remains unclear whether the opening ceremony will be rescheduled or if the NUP will take any legal action in response to the disruption.

The deployment of security forces at the National Unity Party’s newly established offices in Kawempe Division has thrown the planned opening ceremony into disarray. With the event disrupted and access blocked, NUP leaders, including party president Robert Kyagulanyi, are left to grapple with the uncertain future of their official office launch. As tensions mount, questions arise regarding the motives behind such heavy deployment and the potential implications for the opposition party’s activities in the Kampala area.

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