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 Man Jailed 52 Years For Killing A 5-Year – Old Boy In Ritual Sacrifice

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The Iganga High Court found a man guilty of killing a five-year-old boy in a ritual sacrifice and sentenced him to 52 years in prison.

Judge David Batema sentenced Hassan Kafudde to 52 years in prison. Issa Muyita, the deceased’s father, received a 25-year sentence for the 2017 murder of Juma Muyita, a 5-year-old student at Kawempe’s Mirembe Junior School.

Justice Batema stated in his decision that the punishment ought to discourage future criminals.

Following the decision, supporters of children’s rights who were present in court applauded the decision.

The DPP spokesman, Jackline Okui, praised the punishment and stated it will help carry out justice when speaking to the media.

She also urged parents to refrain from sacrificing their own kids in order to amass fortune, pointing out that the Busoga sub-region is rife with this evil.

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