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Tragedy: 2 Dead, Over 12 Injured As Fire Engulfs Boys’ Dormitory At Kasana Junior School

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MASAKA CITY A devastating fire engulfed a boys’ dormitory at Kasana Junior School in Masaka City in the early hours of Monday morning, leaving at least two children feared dead and over 12 pupils injured. The incident, which occurred at approximately 4 a.m., has sent shockwaves through the community as parents frantically rushed to the scene and local hospitals in search of their beloved children.

The fire mercilessly tore through the dormitory, reducing it to ashes within minutes. Desperate cries for help filled the air as children struggled to escape the engulfing flames, causing chaos and panic among students and staff members who were awakened by the terrifying inferno.

Emergency services quickly arrived at the scene and diligently battled the flames, managing to bring the fire under control. However, the extent of the damage and loss incurred has yet to be fully assessed. Tragically, the authorities have confirmed that two children are feared dead as a result of the fire, sending shock and grief through the hearts of the community.

Over a dozen pupils have sustained injuries and were rushed to the Masaka Regional Referral Hospital for immediate medical attention. Doctors and nurses are working tirelessly to provide the best possible care to those affected, as parents anxiously await updates on the condition of their children.

As news of the tragic incident spreads, grief-stricken parents, relatives, and friends are flocking to the school and hospital, hoping for information and desperately seeking solace in these difficult times. Local authorities, alongside school staff, are working hand in hand to provide support and assistance to the affected families, offering counseling and other necessary resources.

The cause of the fire is yet to be determined, with investigators focusing on electrical faults or other potential sources. The school, known for its excellent academic standards and well-maintained facilities, has faced an unimaginable tragedy today, leaving its staff, students, and the wider community in shock.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the families and loved ones affected by this horrifying incident. As the investigation unfolds, authorities will leave no stone unturned to ascertain the exact cause of the fire and work towards preventing any such tragedy in the future.

We will continue to bring you updates as this story develops. Stay tuned for the latest information on this devastating incident.

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