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Thirsty Police Officer On Duty Rapes Woman Who Had Gone To Report Case

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Police officer arrested

After raping a lady who had gone to the police to report the incident, a Buyende police detective was fired from the force with immediate effect.

A woman who had gone to report a case of domestic violence by her husband is said to have been persuaded by Detective Inspector of Police Balikoowa, the official in charge of CID at Namusiita Police Post, with a promise of a place to stay for the night till the next day.

“The victim went to report her husband as the victim of domestic abuse. Police sent out a squad of three officers to investigate after she reported the issue. When they went to the victim’s house to apprehend the suspect, they were unable to locate him.

The woman was afraid to go back to her house until her husband was caught, so at around six o’clock in the evening, our officer Balikoowa invited her to accompany him since he had located a place for her to stay that night, according to police spokesperson Fred Enanga.

Rather, he clarified, the woman was driven to the police barracks in Nakabira by the officer, who then went to buy food and drinks before sexually assaulting her.

Enanga claimed that the woman was driven and left off near the Namusiita police post by a police officer who had promised to assist her in apprehending her husband in the morning.

While under arrest, the husband made amends with his spouse by agreeing to pay for her injuries’ medical expenses.

The rape case against Detective Inspector of Police Balikoowa was reported at this point. As a result, he was charged with scandalous behavior before the police disciplinary court and subsequently fired from the force.

Balikoowa will subsequently be charged with rape in court, according to Enanga.

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