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President’s Office Launches Oversight Inspection Exercise To Improve Service Delivery In Uganda

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By Hason Mutunzi Bwambale

The Office of the President of the Republic of Uganda has started an oversight inspection exercise in the sub-regions of Lango and West Nile in cooperation with a number of government institutions.

This exercise’s goal is to evaluate and enhance the standard of public service delivery in these communities, which have been dealing with serious difficulties.

The inspection exercise will take place in Arua City and a few chosen districts in the West Nile and Lango Sub-region, including Madi-Okollo, Adjumani, Pakwach, Alebtong, Otuke, Amolatar, Kole, and Oyam. It will be led by the Honorable Minister of State for Economic Monitoring, Beatrice Akori Akello. The planned start date of the exercise is October 31, 2023.

The Ugandan government has made significant investments in public services and poverty alleviation over the last 20 years, along with a number of changes.

The development of physical infrastructure, the enhancement of human resources, the facilitation of production input access, and the advancement of science, technology, and innovation have been the main focuses of these initiatives.

Notwithstanding these praiseworthy endeavors, there has been an increasing apprehension among the populace and policymakers regarding the ineffective public service delivery resulting from the allocated expenditures.

With over 39% of Ugandan households still living in subsistence economies, poverty rates are still very high. Many Ugandans still suffer from a lack of access to basic amenities like water, sanitary facilities, healthcare, and education.

In order to address these worries, the oversight inspection exercise will point out any shortcomings and difficulties in the provision of services and offer workable fixes.

The State House Anti-Corruption Unit, the National Building Review Board, and the Internal Security Organization are just a few of the cooperating agencies that the Office of the President will work with to ensure accountability and openness during the reform implementation process.

The government recognizes that raising the standard of living and lowering poverty rates in Uganda requires effective and efficient public services. The Office of the President hopes to evaluate the results of prior investments and pinpoint areas in need of improvement and further focus through this exercise.

The oversight inspection exercise, which will entail in-depth examinations, stakeholder engagements, and community participation, officially kicked off with the press briefing. The government is dedicated to resolving the issues brought out by voters and decision-makers and making sure that funds allocated for public services are used efficiently.

The inspection exercise’s findings will be utilized to guide resource allocation and policy decisions more effectively, and carry out focused actions to improve Uganda’s service delivery.

The President’s Office is still committed to enhancing Ugandans’ quality of life and fostering a favorable setting for prosperity and sustainable growth.

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