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A 53-Years-Old Peasant Killed By Colleague Over Unpaid Debt Of 1000 Ugandan Shillings

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Heartbreaking events took place in Agago district’s Lapono sub-county when a quarrel over shillings 1,000 turned lethal.

Tarasisto Okwera, 53, a peasant from Nyer Ikan south hamlet, was fatally stabbed as a result of the altercation.

Okello Aldo Akech, 32, a peasant from Ocoyo Lamero hamlet, was arrested by the police following the event on suspicion of stabbing murder.

According to police spokesman Fred Enanga, the event occurred on October 23, 2023, in the afternoon at around 2:300 m.

The disclosures came up today at the police headquarters in Naguru, Kampala, during the weekly media briefing.

He claimed that after the suspect was hired to fix the victim’s locks and charged 2,000 shillings for the job, the gloomy dispute took a sinister turn.

But when the victim gave over Sh1,000 and said she would give the remaining Sh1,000 later, a disagreement started.

“It was at this juncture that the suspect’s demand for the full payment turned volatile, escalating the confrontation,” Enanga stated.

He continued by saying that after the suspect grabbed the victim’s knife under duress, he pursued him and eventually stabbed him in the left side of his ribs. This is how the situation swiftly got out of hand.

He continued by saying that the culprit was quickly captured by the community members, who then turned him over to the LC1 chairwoman.

Sadly, word spread that the victim passed away from his wounds while traveling to Kalongo Hospital, and his lifeless body was returned home.

The culprit was attacked by an enraged throng that tried to impose their own brand of justice, but the Lapono Police Post officers stepped in and saved the accused.

The knife that was allegedly used in the attack was one of the pieces of evidence found at the scene.

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