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8 Arrested For Transferring Dead Bodies At Night

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On October 29, a disturbing event occurred in the calm Bwebajja Cell A in the Wakiso area, shocking and alarming the entire neighborhood.

An operative attached to the Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence brought a concerning report to the Police’s Crime Intelligence Office in Kajjansi. It described a group of over forty unknown people, armed with intimidating tools, actively excavating the dead from the Mamba clan’s burial grounds.

According to sources familiar with the operations, the district police commander (DPC) of Kajjansi received a notification, which prompted the dispatch of a squad to disrupt the activity. When the officers arrived at the area, they saw a dismal scenario.

The corpse was being exhumed by the team under the direction of Charles Zziwa, the head of the Mamba tribe and chairperson of Bwebajja Cell A LC1.It was disclosed that internal strife had occurred within the Mamba family, as represented by Zziwa.

According to a police report, there have been claims that a businesswoman named Namagembe purchased a section of the family land, approximately two acres, without the approval of other clan members, causing friction within the family.

According to the report, Zziwa decided to move the deceased to a new property in Buwama as tensions increased as a result of pressure from the buyer. This choice did not sit well with some family members.

“This decision led to the nightmarish act of exhumation, orchestrated with the aid of hired bouncers to ensure the operation’s security” according to the police investigation.

In light of this, the Police moved quickly to take action and arrested eight people: Zziwa, Halima Nakiyaga, Zawade, Topista Namubiru, Hijambo Godfrey, Ronald Mutebi, Abedi Mutebi, and Ronald Ssekide.

According to Police, the suspects are being held in the Kajjansi Police Division while an investigation is conducted.Said to be “disturbing the peace of the dead,” the lawsuit has disrupted the tranquil grounds of the Mamba clan’s burial site by revealing a family conflict entwined with covert land transactions, as evidenced by the uncomfortable episode of exhumation.

According to the police report, the disturbance of the night, which was an attempt to move the dead because of a contested land sale, has shocked the community and left unresolved issues lingering among the disruption of their loved ones’ final resting place.

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