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Frustration Turns Congolese Into Cannibals, 1 Soldier Killed In Kasindi Attack

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In a horrifying incident that unfolded on the night of October 27th, 2023, suspected rebels launched a daring raid in Kasindi and Kasindi Lhubiriha trading centers on the DRC side at the park yard.

The assailants, believed to be on a looting mission, set vehicles ablaze and led to some fatalities. The situation escalated when the Ugandan army (UPDF) retaliated before the enemy crossed to Uganda, resulting in a fierce exchange of gunfire, as reported by terrified local residents.

Two suspected rebels were neutralized, bringing the total to three killed, including the individual responsible for an earlier attack on tourists in Queen Elizabeth National Park, according to information provided by UPDF at the time of writing this article.

During the attack, two vehicles were burned, two SMGs recovered by the Army, one civilian was killed, a Somali national driver was injured, and unfortunately, the UPDF lost one of its officers.

A chilling account from an anonymous eyewitness revealed a disturbing turn of events. The witness captured footage showing an enraged mob burning the body of a suspected rebel and begun eating him like Goat Meat.

Screenshot 20231029 103109 GBWhatsApp
Furious Congolese Eating A Suspected Rebel

When questioned about these shocking actions, a local businesswoman, who chose to remain anonymous, explained that the Congolese community’s desperation, born out of enduring conflict in the region, led them to this unthinkable act of eating the rebels body.

The distressing scenes of residents consuming parts of the deceased’s body unfolded amidst an atmosphere of fear and despair, although some onlookers cheered, reflecting the complexity of emotions in the community. Residents were captured stating in Kiswahili dialect, ‘‘Lete
chumvi”  meaning bring salt.

Screenshot 20231029 103052 GBWhatsApp
Furious Congolese Eating A Suspected Rebel

These isolated attacks have caused a significant decline in cross-border movement between Uganda and Congo and also affected businesses. This is witnessed by a handful of people, even at Mpondwe Market, which is always a beehive of activity.

Another witness shed light on the relentless terror imposed by the rebels, detailing forced orphanhood, incestuous relationships, and ruthless murders of innocent individuals.

In their anger and desperation, some members of the community resorted to cannibalism as a means of expressing their profound discontent and anger at the relentless attacks perpetrated against
them by suspected rebels.

SP. Tai Ramadhan of the DPC Bwera Division told The New Light Paper that vigilance remains heightened on the Uganda side by conducting thorough checks and reviewing documents at the Mpondwe border.

He says the community is very supportive of sharing critical intelligence while working with the defense committee. There is also a standby patrol vehicle that responds to any call from members of the community. Bwera is full of scenes of frequent meetings encouraging locals to remain vigilant.

The writer is a security investigative journalist in Uganda.

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