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OPM Denies Involvement In Viral Video, Calls For Investigation

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Robinah Nabbanja

By Hason Mutunzi Bwambale

KAMPALA, UGANDA In a press statement released by the Office of the Prime Minister, concerns were raised regarding recent deliberate smear campaigns, unfair attacks, and falsified accusations aimed at tarnishing the reputation of the Prime Minister, Rt. Hon. Robinah Nabbanja.

The statement highlighted a viral video circulating on social media that bore a resemblance to the Prime Minister, with opponents and haters claiming it to be her.

The Prime Minister, in response to these allegations, has categorically denied any the video and dismissed it as a fake and a hoax.

However, despite her denial, the video continues to be widely shared and circulated, with messages falsely identifying the individual in the video as the Prime Minister of the Republic of Uganda.

The Office of the Prime Minister has reiterated that the Prime Minister is not the person the viral video.

In light of these developments, the Prime Minister has taken the matter
seriously and has reported it to the Inspector General of Police, requesting the CriminalInvestigations Directorate to conduct a thorough investigation to identify those responsible forspreading the video.

The Office of the Prime Minister is determined to get to the bottom of this matter and iscommitted to ensuring that those behind the deliberate smear campaign are held accountable.for their actions.

The Prime Minister’s Office has emphasized the need for the truth to prevail and for the responsible parties to face the full force of the law.

The Prime Minister’s spokesperson urged the public to exercise caution and refrain fromengaging in the sharing of unverified content, particularly on social media platforms.

They emphasized the importance of responsible use of social media and called on all Ugandans to respect the privacy and integrity of public figures.

The Office of the Prime Minister has expressed confidence in Ugandan law enforcement.agencies to conduct a thorough investigation into the matter and bring the culprits to justice.

They have assured the public that the Prime Minister remains focused on her duties andresponsibilities, working diligently to fulfill the vision of a responsive and accountable publicsector that drives rapid economic growth and development in Uganda.

As the investigation unfolds, Ugandans are urged to refrain from spreading false information.and to await official updates from the authorities. The Office of the Prime Minister remainscommitted to transparency and justice and will continue to provide updates on the progress ofthe investigation.

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