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Kampala Gheto Youths Protest Against Gashumba’s Misconduct, Warn Him To Leave ONC’s Boss Namyalo Alone

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The youths and women who reside in various Gheto areas in Kampala have today morning gathered at Centenary Park, where they have shown anger to one Frank Gashumba, whom they claimed to be a serious problem for the NRM mighty party.

Viola Namakata, who is the leader of these Gheto residents, most commonly known as Mc Viola, has told journalists that Namyalo is one of the few people in NRM who have changed lives; unfortunately, some NRM political members are becoming against her.

The wrangles in between Frank Gashumba and Hajat Hadijah Namyalo, who is known as Chief Muzukulu and the head of office if the national chairman,started way back last week after URSB dismissed a copyright case of Jjajja Tovva ku main slogan, which Frank Gashumba took to URS claiming for its copyright as it was him who was behind all the ideas of Jjajja Tovva ku main slogan.

These are words that have brought much anger to the people who have already benefited from Hajat Hadijah Namyalo’s ONC office,where they have explained to the media that Frank Gashumba has gone beyond abusing Namyalo as he has shown up his unsureness on the judgment of his copyright case that happened last week at URSB offices in upper Kololo.

Now they have appealed to the national chairman of the mighty party, the same as the president of the Republic of Uganda, HE YOWERI KAGUTA MUSEVENI, to take immediate action against Frank Gashumba before they deal with him directly to avoid regrettable results.

According to them, the inspirational and motivational speaker in the city, Gashumba,Gashumba should come up before it is too late and reveal his wealth, which he has gathered, to the public; otherwise,otherwise they are to tip URA on Gashumba’s wealthy.

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