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Bangladesh: 15 People Dead, Over 100 Critically Injured In A Deadly Train Accident

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When a passenger train and a goods train collided in Kishoreganj, at least 15 persons were killed and several more were wounded. About 80 miles from the capital Dhaka, at Bhairab, a passenger train and a goods train collided, resulting in the disaster. The Godhuli Express, which was travelling to Dhaka, crashed head-on with a cargo train that was going to Chattogram. Following the catastrophe, train services to other regions of the nation were stopped. Numerous individuals are believed to have sustained injuries in the collision; local media cited eyewitnesses who stated that numerous people were stranded beneath the train.

“We have recovered 15 bodies, many are injured,” Sadiqur Rahman, a government administrator in Bhairab mentioned in conversation with AFP.

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“The death toll will rise,” Rescuers claimed that they were still able to see victims trapped under upturned carriages, crushed, he added.

He said that there were at least 100 injuries. According to accounts, several of the injured were found lying beneath the wrecked carriages.

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When fire department workers arrived, they immediately began a rescue effort, according to Reuters. According to local police officer Sirajul Islam, the number of fatalities might increase while rescue efforts continue, as reported by the news agency.

Mosharraf Hossain, an officer at Bhairab Fire Station, told The Associated Press that there may be more casualties. According to him, a rescue mission was launched by the locals and rescuers, and at least twelve people’s dead were found.

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Three passenger carriages were overturned, according to emergency fire service personnel, and it was thought that many people were trapped.

“We expect to find more bodies as well as injured passengers during the rescue process,” a fire service official mentioned.

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