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4 Injured After Sino Truck Rams Into Fuel Station

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After a Sino truck struck the Retta Fuel Station on Majanji Road in Busia Town, four persons were rushrd to various hospitals on either side of the Busia-Kenya border.

“The driver of the Sino truck registration number UBF 119J, which was at a high speed and was ferrying sand from Majanji, lost control as he overtook a tricycle and rammed into the fuel station,” stated Mr. David Masiga, an eyewitness, over the weekend.

Mr. Masiga claims that the unfortunate truck’s driver struck the tricycle first since its rider was in the middle of the road.

He claimed that three individuals, including the truck’s turn man and two trike riders who had not yet been recognized, had been sent to Kenyan hospitals.

The truck driver was reportedly stuck inside his cabin for more than three hours before being freed by locals using axes and pickaxes and sent to the Dabani Hospital, according to Mr. Masiga.

Another witness, Mr. Alex Wanyama, claimed he heard the truck driver honking, but the trike rider did not yield and was hit as a result.

The fuel station’s director, Mr. Shadrack Namuhisa, called the damage to his facility “huge” and said the truck had brought down three pumps, a canopy, and retainer walls.

By the Lord’s goodness, all of my employees had fled, and no one had been hurt, he claimed.

Officer-in-Charge (OC) of the Busia Central Police Station, Mr. Hakim Mugwana, who was present at the scene, stated: “As of now, I cannot give details because I don’t have the facts.”

Yesterday, efforts were being made to remove the truck’s wreckage.

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