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Woman Who Married 2 Husbands Brags For Sleeping With Them On The Same Bed, And Live In Peace

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A Congolese woman who married two men has shocked all as she practices Polyandry. CONTINUE FULL READING

It is no news that Polyandry is not common in Africa and this when a woman married 2 husbands at the same time.

The woman identified as Francine Jisele lives with her first husband, Remi Murula and her second husband, Albert Jarlace alongside with her children in the same house.

In a chat with Afrimax english, Francine got married to her first husband, Murula 6 years ago and they are both blessed with 2 kids. Then he left she and the kids and left for greener pastures whereby they were not communicating.

“Just because life was not easy, the man went on a trip and never came back. I found myself alone out here, I spent three years and half in a single life without my husband,” she told Afrimax English

She also made it known that after those years, she had to fall in love with another man because it was not easy as a woman to stay alone with no husband.

“After those years I lost him I fell in love with this other man. After one year with the second husband, the first one came back,” she revealed.

Talking on how he fell in Jisele, Albert said;

“I met this woman when I was working in the mining industry and she told me that she had another husband and how that man left her saying that he was going to find a life,”

“I felt I had no choice because we were already together since I had lived with her not knowing she had another man

“Tuko watatu (there are two men here and here). We get along well, this woman is our wife. Since I left I didn’t talk to my wife once. When I came back I found my wife with another man

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