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34-Year-Old Man Arrested After 10 Dead Bodies Discovered In His Home Kitchen

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Man arrested in Rwanda after 10 dead bodies were discovered by the police in a hole in his homes kitchen

By Gad Masereka

Media reports on Wednesday, September 6, revealed that a man in Rwanda was apprehended following the discovery of ten lifeless bodies in a cavity within his kitchen, located in the capital city of Kigali.

According to the police, the 34-year-old suspected serial killer enticed his victims, who were subsequently found in his Kigali suburban rental home, having initially frequented bars.

Local media sources, however, asserted that the number of bodies uncovered exceeded ten, with an official from the Rwanda Investigation Bureau (RIB) suggesting a tally of 14. It’s important to note that RIB spokesman Thierry Murangira refrained from confirming this figure, asserting that “the final count will be determined through forensic investigations.”

The suspect’s initial arrest was made on grounds of suspicion relating to rape, robbery, and other charges. However, he was later released on bail due to insufficient evidence, according to statements quoted in local media.

Notwithstanding, the police persisted in their inquiries, resulting in the suspect’s reapprehension on Tuesday. A subsequent search of his residence unveiled more than ten deceased individuals in a pit, meticulously dug within his kitchen.

An insider within the RIB disclosed, “The suspect confessed that he learned to kill from watching famous serial killers. He dissolved some of his victims in acid.” This source further detailed the suspect’s modus operandi, which involved observing and stalking potential victims, often targeting those with minimal familial or social support.

Murangira underscored that the suspect had admitted to the killings during interrogation. Preliminary investigations unveiled a diversity among the victims, encompassing both genders. He elucidated, “He operated by luring his victims, mostly prostitutes, to his home where he would rob them of their phones and belongings and then strangled them to death and buried them in a hole dug in the kitchen of his rented house.”

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