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Family In Shock After Baby’s Genitals Cut Off By Unknown Assailant

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Family In Shock As Babys Genitals Cut Off By Unknown Assailant

Residents of Okwamumwar village, Palama subcounty in Katakwi district have remain in shock after a juvenile’s genitals were brutally cut off by an unknown assailant.

When this terrible attack occurred, the parents of the juvenile were reportedly at the market, according to sources.

The child’s father, Imalingat John Pampas, claims that he received a call from neighbors reporting the incident at about one in the afternoon, which he hurried to confirm from the hospital.

He claims he has no idea who may have done this to his child while he was away.

Medical staff at Katakwi Hospital are currently caring for the young victim, but they are finding it difficult to give him the right care because of how serious the situation is.

The neighborhood was in a state of shock and amazement when the catastrophe happened in their village when a mysterious intruder attacked the child while at home.

Medical staff at Katakwi Hospital are struggling with how serious the situation is.

In order to help the little patient urinate, hospital pediatrician Dr. Aliko Emanuel has been forced to come up with creative methods.

The medical staff makes it clear that they do not have the knowledge and resources necessary to treat the patient effectively in this circumstance.

According to doctors, trauma and reconstructive surgery specialists must act immediately to address the condition.

The young person’s bodily and mental health are in jeopardy, which emphasizes the urgency of prompt action.

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