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Mixed Reactions: Council On Foreign Relations Convenes Discussions On Uganda’s Foreign Policy, Minister Slams Gays

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Mixed Reactions As Council On Foreign Relations Convene Discussions On Ugandas Foreign Policy Minister Slam Gays

By Gad Masereka

The Uganda Council on Foreign relations (UCFR) convened discussions on Thursday about Uganda’s foreign policy and examined the potential and difficulties associated with the nation’s connections with other nations, particularly those in Europe and the West generally.

Executive Director Amb. Katana Francis of the Council, Council Chairman Gen. Ivan Koreta, Minister of State for Foreign Affairs (Regional Cooperation) Hon. John Mulimba, and Fairway Hotel’s Managing Director Azhar Jaffer, a proud member of the Council’s Board of Trustees, among others, led the discussions.

At this ceremony, Minister Mulimba slammed the gays, pointing out that Africa is independent and free to create rules that support its traditional values and customs.

The World Bank’s recent decision to stop lending to Uganda as retaliation for the country’s newly passed anti-homosexuality law served as the catalyst for the minister’s rage.

These folks arrived and accused us of practicing a demonic, terrible religion. They then convinced us to change our minds about their holy book, the bible, which outright forbids homosexuality. We did so because we realized it was guarding our African values, but to my surprise, these confused people are now making noise and pressuring us to give up our culture and embrace their hell of homosexuality, Minister Mulimba declared.

Uganda’s smooth relations with a number of nations have boosted the growth of the nation’s exports, according to ED Ambassador Katana of the Council, who also noted that this will soon assist Uganda realize its goal of achieving economic independence.

The country of Uganda exported goods worth $674.54 million in March 2023, a 93.0% increase from the $349.44 million exported in February 2023, according to the Ministry of Finance, Planning, and Economic Development.
The Council commended Mr. Azhar Jaffer for hosting the Council’s events and for all the additional sacrifices he makes for Uganda’s social and economic reform at the same event.

A membership organization called the Uganda Council on Foreign Relations was founded to meet the need for impartial, independent research and analysis of Uganda’s international and development possibilities.

An Independent, Leading Non-partisan Centre of Excellence for the Promotion of Foreign Relations and Policy Dialogue and Research, they carry out the aforementioned within that vision.

Mission: To provide a non-partisan membership center for networking, policy advocacy, knowledge building, and publishing, conversations, and research on foreign policy problems affecting Uganda.

The main goal of the Uganda Council on Foreign Relations (UCOFR) is to offer a nonpartisan membership center for communication, networking, professional growth, and knowledge exchange.

The specific goals of UCFR are:

To offer a forum for the advocacy and promotion of international relations.
To serve as a scholarly and intellectual resource for members, academics, decision-makers, the commercial sector, governmental and non-governmental organizations, as well as the public.
To conduct future research on important international relations issues that may be published and distributed both locally and worldwide; To offer a platform for mentoring and encouraging young researchers.

They engage in a variety of activities, such as;

Research Proposal Writing for Symposia
events for member networking
forming worldwide and local collaborative research partnerships
establishing a program for sponsorship and mentoring to assist students and young academics

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