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Teacher To Sleep 8 Years In Prison For Defiling Pupil

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A teacher at Kumari Primary School in the Koboko district has been given an eight-year sentence in prison for defiling by Yumbe Magistrates Court.

A primary seven student from Omgbokolo Primary School in Yumbe area was defiled by Bosco Atiku, 36, a teacher at Kumari Primary School in Koboko district. Atiku was detained by Arafa sub county officials in March at Kumari Primary School.

Atiku was accused of defiling the girl at his home while in Lobule Sub County’s Mongoyo village, according to evidence presented in court before Yumbe Chief Magistrate Freddie Awacnedi.

The prosecution further informed the court that Atiku deceitfully locked the girl for nearly four days in his home with the intention of sexually exploiting her. Atiku was arrested after the information eventually reached the girl’s family and Omgbokolo Primary School management.

According to Awacnedi, Atiku’s conviction and eight-year term is not only a punishment for him but also a message for other teachers who are committing similar offenses.

Awacnedi continued by saying that because Atiku is a teacher, he is required to lead by example in the neighborhood and safeguard the student.

“Atiku, a working-class man, is aware that there are many adult women out there looking for men like him for marriage rather than taking advantage of a weak schoolgirl who is underage,” he said.

The Koboko District Education Officer, Wayi Dragamulai, praised the court for giving the girl and his family justice. He claimed that the penalty will teach teachers a lesson for sexually abusing students they are responsible for.

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