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Two Drunk Teachers Arrested For Disrupting Mock Exams

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Two drunk teachers arrested for disrupting mock exams in Agago

By Gad Masereka

Two drunk teachers from Ladere primary school have been detained by Agago police for interfering with the primary seven mock exams.

On the orders of the head teacher, Charles Obwoch, the teachers, Joseph Odoch and Denis Obonyo, who occupy positions across various primary levels, were brought into detention on Thursday morning.

Obwoch claimed that he warned the teachers about drinking alcohol on Wednesday and got their promises to abstain. On the other hand, both teachers showed up at work on Thursday morning drunk. Their actions included stealing exam scripts from students, speaking the answers out loud, and using explicit language in front of students.

John Ocaya, a worried parent, brought up the teachers’ reputation in the neighborhood for using abusive language. He called their actions a shame to their profession and condemned them. Ocaya remarked that despite the fact that local establishments had collectively chosen not to sell alcohol to these teachers as a result of their behavior, they get around other people to buy it for them elsewhere.

The disruptive behavior of the teachers deeply concerned Luka Okidi, the chair of the school administration committee. He confirmed to the fact that the district education officer had been notified of the issue. Given their regular absences, detrimental effects on pupils, and general disrespect for their duties, Okidi suggested that the teachers should be held accountable by law.

The teachers were escorted to the Patongo police station, where SD 16/17/18/2023 was used to file a case. But according to ASP Brian Ampaire, the head of the Agago district police, the teachers were eventually let go after being issued a warning.

In the Lira Palwo sub-county, there are 620 students enrolled in the government-supported Ladere Primary School. Since none of the 78 candidates achieved a first grade, the school’s recent performance in the primary leaving tests demonstrated need for improvement.

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