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Nandala Mafabi Slams Speaker Among For ‘Meddling’ In FDC Party Politics

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Nandala Mafabi slams speaker Among for ‘meddling in FDC party politics

By Gad Masereka

The speaker of parliament, Anita Among has been criticized for meddling in the politics of the opposition party, according to Nathan Nandala Mafabi, the secretary general of the Forum for Change (FDC).

In response to a group of disgruntled FDC members led by Buhweju MP Francis Mwijukye, he was criticizing the speaker for refusing to dismiss Ibrahim Semujju Nganda from his position as the FDC party’s top whip in parliament.

Mafabi claims that the individuals who petitioned parliament in opposition to Yusuf Nsibambi’s nomination and Semujju Nganda’s removal are not FDC working committee members and even petitioned the wrong office without contacting the party.

The functions of the National Executive Committee, National Council, or National Delegates Conference are expressly spelled out in the Party Constitution, he stated, adding, “Madam Speaker, these members misled you.”

As a member of parliament and the Secretary General, I’m confident that if you had asked me for clarification, I would have provided it. The Political Parties and Organizations Act as amended is being violated, as your letter amply demonstrates, by Parliament interfering with internal party affairs, he said.

He told the speaker of the house that FDC was withdrawing Hon. Ssemujju Nganda from his party’s assignment rather than from his position as a member of parliament.

He continued by stating that he is the authorized party member to announce the whip appointment.

“We trust that this makes the issues presented clear, and we ask that you refrain from being mislead by some members who abuse their official positions. Recommend that the petitioners address the party or the court. Parliament is only informed of the appointment by the party, which does not require legislative approval, so there are no legal repercussions, he added.

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