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OBR Leaders Given Receipt Books To Collect Funds For The Return Of King Mumbere

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By Owen B Alton

Obusinga Bwa-Rwenzururu has issued receipt books to clan heads, chieftains, OBR elders and the organizing committee to solicit funds for the homecoming of King Charles Wisley Mumbere Iremangoma.

Mr. Clarence Bwambale, the organizing committee spokesperson said the receipt books have computerized seals that will not be duplicated, therefore encouraging all Banya Rwenzururu to contribute in their respective areas.

Addressing a stakeholders meeting at Rwenzori International University in Kasese town on Wednesday, Mr. Clarence said the kingdom is expecting to collect over Nine billion shillings towards the function.

‘We have appoved a budget worthy 9.46b shillings which will be solicited from OBR subjects and all wellwishers.Our trusted leaders will move around to collect people’s contributions,and each subject is requested to contribute at least 10,000= shillings and above”.

Mumbahya said the selected leaders will also move to other districts outside Rwenzori region to collect funds from well-wishers.

The required nine billion shillings will be used for a number of events, including funding the purchase of the KEPP Resort Hotel owned by the late Gen. James Kazini in Kasese Municipality, Coronation anniversary celebrations, and Royal welcome celebrations.

The chairperson organising committee Dr. Nathaniel Mumbere Walemba, called for reconciliation,unity, Peace,poverty eradication  and mindset change.

Rt. Hon. Joseph Kule Muranga, the Rwenzururu Premier said government through the ministry of water and environment had donated 17 billion shillings for tree planting on Mt.Rwenzori and Kasese district atlarge.

Mr. Yosamu Mbaki and William Muroro from Bundibugyo district, called for collaborated effort and proper accountability of funds,asking Babwisi community to also contribute generously.

The long-awaited return of Rwenzururu King, Omusinga Charles Wesley Mumbere, to his realm after nearly seven years abroad is set for October 4. Dr. Nathaniel Mumbere Walemba is the chairman of the organizing committee, which is currently raising Sh9 billion for the event.

Dr. Walemba stated that the group is committed to making sure the king’s return is successful and historic.

The committee has begun fund-raising, according to Mr. Clarence Bwambale, the general secretary, in order to plan a spectacular event for the king.

He said that chieftains, veterans of the kingdom, and the royal family had all approved the Shs9 billion budget.

Mr. Bramble stated last week that since the king appointed us, “we have already met twice and a number of activities to be done before and after the arrival of our king have been outlined.”

He stated that out of the $9 billion, Sh4.6 billion will be used to purchase a hotel that will generate income for the kingdom. The remaining funds will be used to plan the homecoming and coronation anniversary on October 19.

The late Maj Gen James Kazini’s Spring International Hotel has been highlighted as a viable asset for the kingdom to acquire, according to the kingdom’s prime minister, Mr. Joseph Muranga.

The hotel, which occupies about 10 acres and is located about half a kilometer from Kasese Town on Kilembe Road, offers a good potential for the growth of the kingdom.

“Lawyers for the late Kazini contacted us. Since we are close neighbors, they wrote to inquire if we would be able to purchase the Spring International hotel, Mr. Muranga stated last Wednesday.

It was made clear, nevertheless, that the monarch would not be staying at the hotel upon his return.

The purchase of the hotel is meant to strengthen the kingdom’s financial sources and aid in its development efforts.

Mr. Walemba clarified that the subjects of the Kingdom’s support is crucial to the committee’s fundraising efforts.

He claimed that a forceful mobilization effort has been launched, pushing each person to give at least Sh10,000 to the cause.

In districts like Kasese, Bunyangabu, Ntoroko, and Bundibungyo, he said that receipt books had already been printed and given to a limited group of people, including chieftains.

For the people of Rwenzururu, King Mumbere’s homecoming is of utmost importance, especially in light of his incarceration on November 27, 2016, along with his royal guards.

The Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP), however, withdrew all charges against them on June 13 due to a lack of interest in the case. The king has stayed in Kampala, but the 217 Royal Guards have been reunited with their families.

According to Mr. Walemba, the organizing group is committed to making King Mumbere’s homecoming memorable and joyful.

locals are elated

Rukooki Sub-County resident Ms. Jozilin Mbambu, 37, claimed she had already paid Sh10,000 for the fete.

“Buganda kingdom ran the etoofali campaign, and we saw how they put up so many developments, including the construction of the Kasubi tombs and the Masengere,” said Ms. Joyla Kabugho, a shopkeeper in Kasese Town. To take control of our kingdom and her growth efforts, we must learn from them. We ought to build this kingdom together since it is ours. “Why can’t we, if others can?”

A peasant woman named Hellen Kabugho concurs, adding, “We are ready to support and raise resources to support our kingdom.”

“I will provide money for his return home if I have any available. Ms. Kabugho continued yesterday, “We need to purchase that home (Springs International Hotel), where he is proposed to be hosted.

Carpenter Mr. Milton Bikopo stated: “The homecoming committee has already demonstrated that if each of us paid just Sh10,000, we would realize the Sh9 billion we are looking for.”

Mr. Bikopo declared that he would make a donation so that he and his 10 children may attend the future celebrations. He declared yesterday, “We can’t wait to welcome our king and we’ll do everything in our power to enable him to come home safely.”

We are eager to welcome the king after a lengthy absence from his realm, said security guard Modesto Serebethe. I hope the select committee does all possible to make his return home easier. We will be pleased to abide by the committee’s instructions as subjects.

Kathoma resident Simie Thembo stated: “I have not yet paid my contribution but I cannot fail giving in something because Onusinga is my pride and he is the custodian of our culture.”

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