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Windstorms Ravage Kakuka Hill Secondary School, Affecting Lives Of Many

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Kakuka Hill Secondary The new light paper

By Owen B Alton

Bundibugyo: Heavy windstorms have wreaked havoc in Sindila Sub County, Bundibugyo district, causing extensive damage to the Kakuka Hill Secondary government-aided school and affecting the lives of many residents.

The disaster, which occurred between Tuesday evening and Wednesday morning, left a trail of destruction, impacting both school infrastructure and people’s homes and crops.

Mr Nicolas Kweyaya, the head teacher of Kakuka Hill Secondary School, expressed the extent of the damage caused by the windstorms. The most affected areas of the school were the school laboratory, library, and offices.

He said the powerful winds blew off roofs, leading to severe damage to the buildings and their contents.

School properties such as books, equipment, and other important resources were lost in the laboratory and library, while the classroom blocks managed to withstand the storm, allowing some hope that studies could continue while the damaged structures are being repaired.

The Sindila Sub County chairperson, Mr Blasio Kamabu, reported that around 400 people were affected by the windstorms. He said some families whose houses were blown off by the strong winds and gardens are now homeless.

One resident, Joyce Biira, whose house was completely blown off by the violent winds found temporary shelter at her neighbor’s place, trying to cope with the aftermath of the disaster.

In light of the damage to the school’s laboratory and library, Mr Kamabu urgently appealed to the government for intervention.

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