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Singer Steven Osito Praises Bebe Cool For Allowing Him To Remix Mambo Mingi Song

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By Gad Masereka

A multi-talented singer, Steven Osito, has hailed Rasterman Bebe Cool for allowing him to make a remix of his song Mambo Mingi.

While speaking to The New Light Paper, Osito praised Singer Bebe Cool and also revealed to us what exactly forced him to make a remix of Bebe’s song.

Osito classified the song Mambo Mingi as a real hit that someone can listen to time and again without getting tired of it. ”This song is a classic to me, and you can listen to it from one year to another without boaring your ears, and it’s not only for its production but also the right message in it,” said Osito.

Mambo mingi song

According to Osito, the remix was aimed at showing the public how the Raster Man wrote heart-touching melodies that made him win several awards, both in Uganda and globally. ”Bebe Cool wrote prophecy in his song; many have been jailed and others in trouble because of the words they say, and other things that we are seeing these days are in the song Mambo Mingi, Ositi added.

He also praised Bebe Cool for not charging him a penny. ”Instead of charging me money, he gave me the go-ahead and also helped me in production and making my video shooting script,” he added.

The song Mambo Mingi carries a message to people who speak evil to others, and it shows what may come out of it.

The song was produced by Oppa Cords and backed up by my friends in Uganda.

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