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Just In: FDC National Council Meeting Begin With Kick & Punches

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FDC national council meeting kicks off with chaos

By Gad Masereka

As delegates began to arrive for the National Council meeting this morning, there was mayhem at the Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) party headquarters for about 15 minutes.

The elders’ committee report regarding the Sh7 billion reportedly supplied by State House to the party’s secretary general, Nathan Nandala Mafabi, and party president, Patrick Amuriat Oboi, would be discussed at the meeting, it is anticipated.

Nearly 20 young people wearing party t-shirts rushed the headquarters at around 7am and demanded that the authorities remove the so-called “goons” from the party grounds.

They began hammering the gate because the security personnel had prevented them from entering the building.

A group of FDC youngsters (in plain clothing) responding from inside the party headquarters confronted the opposition, sparking a standoff and fistfight outside the Najjanankumbi offices.

Sticks were used as weapons by both factions.

Police were called in to break up the brawl once it broke out, and they divided the two groups.

Police detained one unnamed individual.

Shortly after the altercation, Mr Amin Sadic, the head of the FDC security, accused the faction headed by Mr Ibrahim Ssemujju Nganda, the party spokesperson, and Mr Erias Lukwago, the vice president for the area of Buganda, of sending the thugs to interrupt the meeting.

As you can see, they tore my clothes, but I can guarantee you that I won’t change at home; I’ll stay this way until I pay back these individuals.

Different FDC delegates joined Mr. Sadic in denouncing the violence of today.

The MP for Budadiri East, Mr. Isaiah Sasaga, stated that it was improper for some individuals to begin formulating preparations to disturb the civil gathering.

Patrick Amuriat, the president of the FDC, arrives at the party headquarters in Najjanankumbi before of the July 28 national council meeting. ABUBAKER LUBOWA Photos

“I advise all delegates to convene and we handle this in peace because we all know that the major aim of this meeting is to receive a report on accusations of the alleged evil money from Mr. Museveni,” he said.

The meeting would be conducted quietly, Mr. Nandala, who came shortly after the altercation yesterday, promised the attendees.

Yesterday, Mr. Ssemujju and Mr. Lukwago claimed that Mr. Nandala and Mr. Amuriat had altered the report that is the subject of today’s discussion.

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