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That’s Not Love, It’s Disrespect – Winnie Nwagi On Bad Touches From Fans

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By Musinguzi Allan

Winnie Nwagi has frequently found herself in the spotlight for the wrong reasons, with haters bringing up her name whenever they discuss violent and unruly celebrities.

The Swangz Avenue singer doesn’t have much to stand up for herself, particularly after being caught on camera physically assaulting partygoers and abusing anyone who touched her while she was singing.

Additionally, she has destroyed the phones of those followers who often gather close to the platform to record her in scanty attire.

Nwagi asserts that other musicians who dress provocatively are not subject to the same treatment, and that she has been targeted by partygoers who simply chose to insult her to see how she would respond.

She cited the scant outfit Ayra Starr was wearing when she performed in Kampala as an example of how unwanted touching is the norm when it comes to her.

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That’s Not Love, It’s Disrespect – Winnie Nwagi On Bad Touches From Fans 48

“I attended the performance by Ayra Star. Although I don’t believe I have ever worn such scanty clothing, all of her followers were thrilled to see her perform. As opposed to how they treat us on stage, they did not mistreat her, Nwagi told NTV The Beat.

She went on to say that she will continue to communicate her discontent in the greatest way possible because she finds it so insulting and not a sign of fans’ affection when she is touched indecently while performing.

“My body has been my toughest obstacle. They used to make fun of my body. They began touching me when that came to an end. I was worn out by the time you saw me shoving admirers away from my body. If you call that “love,” Nwagi said, “for me, it was disdain.

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