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Inside Story: Plots To Knife Speaker Among Exposed, To Be Replaced By Nobert Mao In 2026

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The Speaker of the Parliament, Annet Anita Among, is in for interesting times. Despite the fact that she would have preferred to serve two terms, like her predecessors Rebecca Kadaga and Edward Ssekandi, she may not continue in office after 2026, according to reliable sources.

According to reports, there are plans to replace her with a Northern Ugandan, and Justice Minister Nobert Mao who is already undergoing background checks and preparations to complete the work that the late Jacob Oulanyah began.

Mao’s homecoming and thanksgiving celebration, which took place on July 27, 2023, at Kaunda Ground in Gulu, served as a springboard for this political analysis.

It was passed off as a celebration marking the anniversary of a ground-breaking collaboration agreement between NRM and DP.

Gen. Salim Saleh, the de facto vice president, was present and Richard Todwong, NRM SG, served as the chairman of the organising committee. Others present were Al-hajji Moses Kigongo, the vice chairman of the NRM at the national level, NRM Chief Whip Hamson Obua, and Deputy Speaker Thomas Tayebwa.

Three government helicopters brought large groups of people to the Gulu Airstrip. The speech that President Museveni had prepared was sent. For visitors from all nine of the districts that make up northern Uganda, transport was arranged. One of the guests remarked, “Life is interesting; it was my first time to see Counsel Nicholas Opio very excited.”

At Counsel Francis Gimara’s apartment in senior quarters, there was a sizable parallel event as well. Wanainchi at the Kaunda grounds received full entertainment from Ugandan musicians.

According to insiders, the function was quite well sponsored.

“Kare Oromo”—which translates to “It’s time”—was the theme.

At the celebration, Mao, the deputy speaker, and Gen. Saleh had a light moment.

According to sources, Mao will be re-elected to the legislature.

In 2026, he will run in a Gulu City district. He will be nominated for Speaker when he returns to Parliament, where he will also oversee the succession discussion.

According to our sources, the NRM leadership is reportedly unhappy with the present Speaker, who some have referred to as the NRM’s “political accident.”

After it was revealed that she too may have her sights set on the top job in the near future, the strategy, according to reports, is to politically weaken Among by the year 2026 and beyond. Early wing clipping is necessary.

We previously described how a splinter group within the NRM is forming and preparing to form a new party.

According to reliable insider information shared with this newspaper, the majority of the breakaway group is made up of NRM leaders from the East.

They also believe that this new political party will eventually engulf the Teso, Bugisu, and Busoga subregions.

Plans are being made behind the scenes to ensure that it will be well started by 2031.

People who believe that current President Museveni would be a spent force by 2031 are pushing for this change inside the NRM.

Among allies and another outspoken NRM male guru who sits on the party’s highest organs and is also from the same region are said to be in charge of these splinter group operations.

According to information received, they have a substantial fan base among opposition MPs and former opposition MPs who have switched to the NRM.

Additionally, they think it’s time for the East to elect a leader.

Presidents have come from the Central (Buganda), North, and Western regions.

This splinter group even refused to attend a President Museveni campaign event in Serere District in February of this year because they were so dedicated to getting Emmanuel Omoding elected as the Member of Parliament for Serere County at the expense of NRM flag bearer Philip Oucor.


While the DPP recently exonerated 17 ministers connected to the Mabaati scandal, 3 remain in question. Additionally, their files may be approved for arrest and prosecution. It is unclear if the Speaker is one of those who has not yet received clearance. 500 sheets of iron were included.

On June 25, 2022, they were chosen using the vehicle identification number UG0582Z. Denis Matsiko, the driver who picked them up, has been named. They were welcomed by One Amongi, the head teacher of Bukedea Comprehensive School (BCS). One John Mwanje, the storekeeper at the school, also saw them.

Bukedea polls for a crackdown on violence

Furthermore, it has been claimed that the current crackdown on electoral violence in Bukedea LCV is related to this and an effort is being made to clip her wings before 2026.

According to sources, President Museveni wants to clip the wings of “someone” who is seen as influential in the Bukedea region.

On Museveni’s orders, a number of government officials, including the RDC of Bukedea, DPC, and DISO, are already detained.

Museveni gave Brig. Henry Isoke, director of the Unit, instructions to immediately investigate the election-related violence in Bukedea, apprehend, and charge those responsible.

The President in his letter denounced illegal actions carried out by government agents during the LC5 by-election, which the NRM candidate Mary Akol won.

Museveni, the party’s leader, praised the outcome and everyone who toiled persistently to ensure the victory, including Speaker of the House Rt Hon Anita Among, NRM vice chairman Eastern Region Mike Mukula, and others.

A few days later, Museveni wrote a letter in which he expressed shock at the violence directed against one of the candidates, Steven Omagor.

Museveni said that government employees attacked Omagor on the day of his nomination and took his shs 163 million.

Museveni described the bloody incidents in Bukedea as a “movie.”

Eight security personnel are in jail one week following the command.

The opposition leader Col. Kizza Besigye, who was Museveni’s personal physician and then served in his administration for more than ten years before he broke ranks, commented on the arrest a day later and claimed that the purge in Bukedea is targeting a very prominent government figure.

Besigye added that the President has a history of stifling anyone who tries to rally behind him.

Besigye claimed that Museveni is also pursuing a powerful individual in Bukedea while disguising his target behind election violence.

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