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NUP Ready To Fight Museveni’s Money – Ssenyonyi

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Bobi Wine Robert Kyagulanyi with Joel Ssenyonyi The New Light Paper

The National Unity Platform (NUP) has stated that it is ready to fight against any attempts at financial coercion intended to damage the party’s reputation and derail its objectives.

Joel Ssenyonyi, a spokeswoman for the NUP, resolutely asserted that the party has encountered many difficulties, such as imprisonment and offers of employment from the ruling party, but will not give in to financial pressures engineered by their adversaries.

Allegations of influencing money being paid to some members by the ruling National Resistance Movement (NRM) party have come to light as a result of the ongoing strife inside the opposition Forum for Democratic Change (FDC). The NUP has reacted to this scenario because they fear they may be the next victim.

Ssenyonyi stated, “Our party’s approach is prepared to withstand any pressure that may arise from inducements meant to detour us from our agenda.

He emphasised that NUP has faced and overcome several threats that have been made against them, and they remain committed to showing Ugandans the change they need to overcome various difficulties.

Ssenyonyi continued, “We have faced numerous threats that would have brought us to our knees, but we stand strong to show Ugandans the way to liberty.

While the FDC is experiencing internal ideological strife, some NUP lawmakers underlined their ongoing campaign for better service delivery across the nation rather than concentrating on appeasing leaders.

Goreth Namugga, a legislator for Mawogola South, said, “Our emphasis is on urging the government to enhance service delivery rather than concentrating on buying off leaders.”

Similar comments were expressed by Allan Mayanja, a legislator representing Nakaseke Central, who emphasised the significance of meeting populist needs and improving public services.

In the middle of the developing scenario inside the FDC, John Musila, a member of parliament for Namisindwa district’s Bubulo East Constituency, asked political parties to settle their differences privately rather than clashing in public.

According to Musila, “We encourage parties to handle their issues internally rather than airing their grievances publicly.”

The Forum for Democratic Change’s spokesperson, Semmujju Nganda, said that the Party Secretary General and President had accepted a large sum of money. This led to an upheaval in the party’s ideologies.

There were concerns that the funds might be used to influence the party’s stance and allegiance to the NRM, which is currently in power.

The NUP is strong in its resolve to concentrate on its mission and resist any outside pressures that would compromise its vision for the advancement and transformation of the country even as Uganda’s political landscape deals with these difficulties.

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