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Man Burns Himself After Being Rejected By A Married Woman 

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By Gad Masereka

Kampala: A man in Nansana who set himself on fire after being rejected for love by a married woman has been admitted to the hospital with many burn injuries.

According to Luke Owoyesigyire, the deputy spokesperson for the Kampala Metropolitan Police, the event occurred in Nansana Municipality’s Nsumbi Zone when bricklayer Faizal Kasirye, 26, attempted suicide by setting himself ablaze.

“It is reported that he doused himself in parrafin before lighting a matchbox on fire to set himself on fire. Thankfully, he survived, and we scooped him up and took him to the hospital for medication, according to Owoyesigyire.

Owoyesigyire claims that following the incident, police inquiries revealed that Kasirye attempted suicide since a married woman he was chasing for love rejected his demands.

“When we questioned him, he said that for a long time, he had been interested in a married woman only known as Nali, but that she had turned down his advances. He became angry after seeing her yesterday at a bar with the husband, and he attempted suicide by pouring paraffin on himself, according to Owoyesigyire.


He stated that Kasirye had been transported to the hospital in Kiruddu, where he is now being treated.

The Kampala Metropolitan deputy police spokesperson stated that throughout the course of the inquiry, they made an effort to get more specifics about the occurrence by questioning the aforementioned woman, who also acknowledged that Kasirye had made attempts to get in a romantic connection with her.

“She acknowledged that Kasirye had long followed her home from work and bugged her for a relationship. Nali stated that she declined the request because she is married.

Police in Nansana have reported an instance of attempted suicide, according to Owoyesigyire, who nevertheless cautioned males against approaching married women.

“Don’t commit suicide because she rejected your plea for love. If you’re fortunate and she agrees, congratulations; if not, don’t kill yourself.

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