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Couple Arrested For Making Love On Neighbor’s Bed, See What The Man Did Before Police Intervened

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Couple Arrested For Making Love On Neighbors Bed The New Light Paper

A couple has been jailed on allegations of criminal trespass after it was allegedly discovered that they were having sex on their neighbor’s bed In Apac Municipality, Apac District.

According to the police, the 23-year-old male and his 35-year-old lover were allegedly caught in the act in Margaret Awino’s home.

The man lives in the Village Inn Cell in the Agulu Division of the Apac Municipality, while his lover lives in the Hospital and Around Cell of the Akere Division.

Friends who knew about the Thursday morning encounter struggled to keep the information a secret, therefore it was revealed to the public on Sunday.

According to reports, the suspects entered the home after returning from a pub about 10 o’clock in the morning and made love there before going to sleep.

Ms. Awino had already left for her distant tomato farm at that time.

Bosco Akwanga, the chairman of Village Inn LCI, verified the incidence and noted that it was a first for his region.

Such a scandalous incidence has never been reported in my region since I took over as the LCI about ten years ago. If they had been truly in love, they would have sought solace in a lodge or a neighbouring bush, according to Mr. Akwanga, who spoke to this magazine on Sunday.

The suspects are currently being held at the Apac Central Police Station where criminal trespass charges have been brought against them while investigations are ongoing, according to the district police commander, Mr. Rogers Kafere.

“Criminal trespass is mentioned in the law. It is an obvious instance of trespass if I come with my girlfriend and enter your home without permission from the home’s owner, he stated.

According to Mr. Alfred Jokene, an elder from the community, such individuals used to be required to buy new bedding for the home’s owner and butcher a goat for housecleaning.

He advised them to get new bedding and mattresses for the home. He also advised them to bring a goat to be slaughtered for purification purposes.

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