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How Former Makindye MP Kyanjo Battled With Disease For More Than 10 Years, Until Death

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Former Makindye MP Kyanjo dies at Kibuli hospital The New Light Paper

By Gad Masereka

Kampala: Hajj Hussein Kyanjo, a former Makindye West MP, has passed away. His more than ten-year battle with disease came to an end this morning when he passed away in Kibuli Muslim hospital.

When Kyanjo travelled to Johannesburg, South Africa in 2011, he discovered he was having trouble speaking two days into the trip. This is when Kyanjo’s health issues began.

When he went to a hospital in Iran, where he was diagnosed with a condition called dystonia, he had been examined, but no issues were discovered. It is described as repeated or twisting movements brought on by uncontrollable muscle contractions. One or more body parts, and even the entire body, may be impacted by dystonia. It might either be minor or severe.

His condition might have been passed down through ancestry, from a traumatic accident, or from poisoning, according to doctors. Later, Kyanjo would admit that his family had no history of the sickness and that there had been no accidents, leaving poisoning as the sole explanation.

The eloquent Kyanjo’s speech was impaired by the illness for years, and he relied on a battery to keep talking. Plans for the funeral have not yet been announced.

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