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Nakanyonyi SS Students Poisoned, Police Issues Tough Security Directives As 150 Students Get Hospitalized

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Naggalama Hospital

By Gad Masereka

It is believed that over 150 students from Nakanyonyi Senior Secondary School in Nagalama, Mukono District, have food poisoning and have been transported to the hospital .

According to Luke Owoyesigyire, deputy spokesperson for the Kampala Metropolitan Police, samples of the food they consumed have been sent to the government analytical laboratory in Kampala for testing while the inquiry moves forward.

According to reports, a few of the students are in serious condition.

The Students ate dinner had 7 o’clock on Wednesday, according to one of the teacher, before they started complaining of stomachaches.

Some of them experienced stomachaches, while others experienced diarrhoea, during the preparation period. We gave them some medicines, but things became worse this morning (Thursday). Some lost consciousness, he claimed.

By the time this report was filed, local authorities, including the deputy RDC, district chairperson, ISO agents, and the school administration, among others, were huddled in a security meeting to determine what had occurred.

Police from the Evidence Response Unit were also on the scene to search for additional evidence.

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