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The 28th Coronation Celebration Of King Oyo Is In Jeopardy After The Organizing Clan Cancel Their Participation

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Omukama of Tooro Rukirabasaija Oyo Nyimba Kabanba Iguru Rukidi IV

By Ronald Ategeka

The Abagaya clan have withdrawn from organising the King Oyo Nyimba Kabamba Iguru Rukidi IV of Tooro Kindom’s much-anticipated 28th coronation anniversary celebrations, which were set for September 12.

King Oyo chose the Abagaya clan to take charge of the planning of this year’s Empango or coronation ceremonies during the Kingdom Supreme Council meeting held in Muchwa, Fort Portal City, in May.

The clan, which King Oyo appointed, claims that their choice was motivated by the lack of openness shown by the government of his kingdom

The Abagaya clan’s chairman, Mr. Richard Mugabyomu Bakasemeza Abwooli, and other clan cabinet members announced their decision to cancel their participation in  the coronation anniversary during a press conference in Fort Portal City on Sunday afternoon.

A mistake involving two distinct bank account numbers given to the organising committee for the Empango cash, according to Mr. Mugabyomu, was the reason behind their decision.

They said that the Deputy Prime Minister of the kingdom, Ms. Harriet Nyakake, provided one account number, while the Queen Mother, Omujwera Musuga Kamurasi, provided the other as the initial account for Empango activities.

The members of the organising committee reportedly became confused as a result of this disparity, making it impossible for them to move on with resource mobilisation.

Additionally, it is said that the King requested the Queen Mother sign the Empango account as the primary signatory, a request that was refused by the organising committee.

Mr. Steven Kiyingi, the prime minister of the kingdom, convened a conference for July 7 at the Fig Tree Garden and Restaurant in Kampala in an effort to find a solution.

It was decided during the meeting that the Queen Mother and the Deputy Prime Minister, Mr. Ngabu Ateenyi, would act as the chief signings, with Mr. Richard Mugabyomu and Ms. Kabanyagaki Evelyn serving as co-signatories. Any major signatory could sign with the co-signatories, according to the signing mandate, with the concurrence of the organising committee and verification by the finance committee.

The kingdom’s administration, however, did not adequately respond to the resolutions or introduce the signatories to the bank.

After offering the clan a meeting with the king on July 15 in Kampala, the prime minister persuaded the tribe to change their mind. The clan was disappointed and left in the dark about the king’s decision to cancel the meeting an hour before it was scheduled to begin.

The Abagaya clan resigned from their position in planning the celebration, and the Tooro Kingdom Prime Minister, Mr. Steven Kiyingi, expressed regret in a statement through the information minister, Mr. Patrick Bamanyisa. He disputes the assertion that the Empango account was the cause of the problem.

He emphasizes that Mr. Kwemara Ngabo, the deputy prime minister in charge of finance and administration, has been added as a main signatory in support of this.

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