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Go Vend Popcorns – Kabaya Mocks Buchaman After Pleading To Reunite With Bobi Wine

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After Mark Bugembe alias Buchaman recently requested a comeback to Bobi Wine, singer Joseph Bwogi alias Kabaya made fun of the former Vice President of the Firebase team.

Buchaman betrayed his former close friends to the extent where nobody could trust him again, according to Kabaya, who stated his reluctance for him to go back to Firebase.

Kabaya continued by explaining why he didn’t want Buchaman to rejoin Bobi Wine’s team, claiming that Buchaman might be a mole trying to spy on Bobi Wine ahead of the 2026 national elections.

He continued by saying that Buchaman is currently a complete failure in life since he let both the side where he once belonged and the side where he had fled to find sanctuary down.

The “Ayagala Mulaasi” singer further encouraged Buchaman to acquire a popcorn maker and start a popcorn vending company because the president who selected him as a presidential ghetto envoy does not pay for it.

The president’s envoy to the ghetto, according to Kabaya, misused his position by acting impolitely towards the people he was supposed to be helping.

He also alluded to how Buchaman misled the residents of the ghetto by offering to launch projects for them and to purchase youth boda-bodas, among other things.

Kabaya has been opposing Buchaman ever since the latter dropped Bobi Wine, and most recently, at Next Media, the two got into a heated argument to the point where they were close to exchange blows.

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