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Gen Kayihura, 10 Other Generals Set To Retire From UPDF

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On Monday, 11 officers at the rank of general  lined up for underwent the documents process at the Ministry of Defence and Veteran Affairs headquarters in Mbuya.

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Gen Kayihura, 10 Other Generals Set To Retire From UPDF 48

The function was done by the Joint Chief of Staff, Maj Gen Leopold Kyanda who advised them to live life beyond the army, adding that they should take it as normal for elders to give space and opportunities for younger ones to serve their country.

He urged the retiring officers to behave well in their new life and make the most use of their pension money.

Maj Gen Kyanda told the generals that retirement doesn’t mean dismissal from the army but rather a policy of the UPDF to retire senior officers and allow younger ones have space to serve the country.

“It is important to retire because it allows smooth career progression since it opens up space for the juniors to progress in their career, assures the force of continuity, ushers retirees to the life outside military, enables retirees to bond and network with the civilian community, and enables retirees to invest their retirement package when they are still capable,” Maj Gen Kyanda said.

Kyanda emphasised that halting retirement comes with side effects like  backlog, aging force and as a result, reduced performance, stifling talents and career progression.

“Halting retirement leads to difficulty in effecting the command and control due to loss of morale as personnel may not be promoted and therefore, basing on the above, retirement becomes necessary and a reality. “

The generals were reminded that the retirement package has been improved which is an assurance of a fair living outside Military life.

The UPDF Act of 2005 emphasizes that benefits to the retirees shall include among others medical care, in case of death, full burial rituals like those that apply to those in active service.

On the other hand, the issue of disability compensation is being worked upon.

The UPDF Joint Chief of Staff urged the retiring generals to pay much attention to having good business plan by seeking advice and using their experience, avoiding businesses they have no idea about, remain patriotic and keep the NRA or UPDF ideology.

He advised them to behave well and work closely with the locals in the respective communities so they can enjoy their retirement.

“Overall, you are expected to defend the country, live in harmony with the civilian society, engage in productive and communal activities.”

Speaking on Monday, Gen Kale Kayihura expressed happiness to the fact that he is set to retire but also applauded President Museveni for retiring him in honour and while still alive.

He said he joined the army in 1982 because of his frustration when the country was in captivity and decided to join his colleagues for freedom but noted he is happy with what he and the UPDF have achieved.

Gen Kayihura said he will now focus on farming  but asked colleagues who are yet to be retired to remain submissive to their commanders and commander in chief.

He also urged them to always be proud to be serving in the UPDF and should always put their country first in everything they do.

President Museveni who is also the commander in chief of the armed forces recently cleared 110 officers , 99 of which between the ranks of Major and Colonel as well as 11 generals for official retirement from the active service of the UPDF.

The retirement ceremony will be held on August, 31.

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