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How Arapex Tile Adhensive Has Solved Tile Bursting, Now Rated As The Best Adhensive In Uganda

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By Gad Masereka

For a specific project, choosing the best tile adhesive is just as crucial as choosing the appropriate sort of tiles. The bottom of the tile is adhered to the surface by the adhesive, which serves as a setting bed. Tile adhesives are available in a variety of quality and standards, each suitable for a specific use.

According to the marketing manager Arapex Tile Adhesive, Mr. Mugudwa Jaxstar, told The New Light Paper that among other things, one should think about whether the tile will be mounted indoors or outside, to the wall or the floor, in a damp or dry region, He should also think of the type of adhensive to be used and thats Arapex Tile Adhensive.

He continued by saying that due to the excellent and potent ingredients utilised in its manufacture, Arapex Tile Adhesive is now the greatest adhesive to be used in Uganda and around the entire world.

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He also added that its crucial to think carefully about the sort of setting bed that will be used, such as plasterboard, concrete or plywood, as well as the tiles that will be utilised.
He continues by saying that people frequently complain about tiles bursting, which is a result of fastening the tiles using the incorrect adhensive. Never use adhesives for a purpose they were not intended for.

All materials that will be used must be robust and stable when getting ready to use the glue. The tiles must be spotless and clear of any stray debris, like paint or oils. Additionally, the wall or floor should be clean and, if it is dry, pre-wet.
Before utilizing plasters or sand and cement, any holes that needed to be patched up should be repaired and screeded the day before.

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Spice Diana gifted with 50 bags of adhesive from Arapex

How Arapex Tile Adhensive Has Solved Tile Bursting, Now Rated As The Best Adhensive In Uganda 53

Spice Diana is beaming broadly after receiving 50 bags of adhesive from Thadeous Mubiru, the company’s manager.

Singer Namukwaya Hajarah alias Spice Diana received her gift of 50 bags of adhesive from the firm manager Thadeous Mubiru after being named Arapex Tile Adhesive female artist of the year.

Spice Diana, a singer, was honoured for her dedication and the way she encourages young ladies in a straightforward ceremony that took place at the Arapex Tile Adhesive main office and factory in Kiruddu-Buziga.

She was greeted by Aziz Azion, a musician who also serves as a brand ambassador for Arapex, and then shown to Thadeous’ office, where he encouraged her.

With the Arapex Tile Adhesive gift in hand, she declared, “I’m going to use it to finish tiling both my house and my grandmother’s house, and once we’re done, I’ll be inviting you all to a big housewarming party.”

Spice Diana has been able to develop one of the largest homes by a Ugandan singer over the past few years by working with Roger Lubega, one of the most organised and skilled music managers in Uganda.

Arapex Tile Adhesive launched in Mbarara

After Arapex Tile Adhesive opened in the city over the weekend, Mbarara Town will have one less issue with building supplies.

Aziz Azion, a musician and brand ambassador for Arapex, made an official debut to retailers and a throng on Saturday in Mbarara city. Ka Chaina, a well-known comedian from Mbarara, attended the event and heaped accolades on the company.

Aziz Azion and Mbasira Tonny were appointed by the management of Arapex Tile Adhesive as their brand ambassador and spokesperson, respectively.

According to the manager of Arapex Tile claims that the two were chosen specifically due to their long histories of upholding honour.

“Its a previllage to present such a giant brand as Arapex tile adhensive and i call upon compatible companies to invest in our brands because artists command numbers and companies need numbers but you dont use our advantage of numbers,” says Aziz.

How Arapex Adhesive Brought A smile To A Burial Announcer Jemba

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How Arapex Tile Adhensive Has Solved Tile Bursting, Now Rated As The Best Adhensive In Uganda 54

Tadius Katumba, the company’s representative, donated 30 bags of adhesive and 80 bags of tile to a well-known Jemba to help him finish building his home, putting another grin on his face.

The best tile cement in Uganda right now is Arapex Tile Adhesive, which is available in all hardware stores nationwide.

A few weeks ago, Mr. Jemba gained notoriety for his unusual volunteer work of making announcements at vigils.

As they say, “every dog has its day,” Mr Jemba will undoubtedly remember these days because of his social media crisis and the numerous opportunities that have come his way, the latest of which is this kind offer from Arapex Tile Adhesive.

Mr Jemba says he started building his house when he was young, but up until now he has been struggling to finish it. He confirms that living in a tiled house was the least of his dreams because he is certain he could never have.

He concluded, “These experiences have taught me to never quit up as long as you still have life.

Arapex Tile Adhesive is a brand-new cement in town that firmly binds tiles on walls and floors.

Arapex tile adhesive is a polymer-modified blend of fine-graded sand and Portland cement. They have their primary office facilities at Salaama Road in Kampala.

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Types Of Adhensive

  1. Powder adhesives: On wood bases, powder adhesives are appropriate for use. These already contain a flexible polymer or it can be added during mixing.
    2. Cement based adhesives: There are often two separate working and setting times for cement-based adhesives. For larger or more time-consuming jobs, slow settings (16–24 hours) should be waited before grouting may begin, while rapid settings

What Experts Say

Wait two to four hours before beginning grouting for a quicker finish. Typically, these adhesives are either white or grey in tone.

“Cement-based tile adhesive is ideal for use on Porcelain and low water absorptive tiles, marble and granite slabs, glass mosaics, large stoneware, wire earthenware, and ceramic tiles.”

Excellent bonding qualities make the cement-based glue suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, especially in submerged environments like swimming pools, baths, kitchens, and locations with high traffic.

Small, medium, and large tubs of ready-mixed adhesives are available, and as the name implies, they are ready to use.

The largest ceramic tile size that is advised for use with these adhesives is 300x300mm. Their tint is typically white, making them ideal for ceramic wall tiles used in ordinary kitchen and bathroom tiling.

The purpose of tile and grout adhesives is to eliminate the need for the user to use a separate grout to fill the tile joints and to as closely match the grout’s colour as feasible.

Adhesives are made with precise tolerances within a range of spread and slump resistance thicknesses.

Some will be strongest when they are 3mm or 6mm thick.

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How Arapex Tile Adhensive Has Solved Tile Bursting, Now Rated As The Best Adhensive In Uganda 55

Prior to making a purchase, buyers should read the directions for each adhesive. Each firm may have a variety of adhesives, some of which may attach more strongly, dry more quickly, be more water resistant, and shrink less than others.

“Tiles that will be put in bathrooms and driveways are frequently exposed to moisture or water. You will therefore need a water-resistant glue. “Once tiles are installed and there was a misplacement, you will have a tougher time removing them because the nature of such adhesives typically needs a fast-setting action,” he explains.

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