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Link Bus Driver Dies On Spot, Several Injured In A Terrible Kyenjojo Road Accident

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By Gad Masereka

An accident involving a driver employed by Link Bus Services Ltd occurred on the scene on Tuesday night in the Mukunyu-Kyenjojo District along the Kampala-Fortportal highway.

Kawuwa Dauda was killed in a car accident at 7:45 p.m. when a Link Bus with the licence plate UAY 485E lost control and slammed into a truck that was stopped and carrying logs of wood.

According to SP Vincent Twesige, the Rwenzori Region Police Spokesperson, “On July 11, 2023, at approximately 19:45 hrs., an accident involving M/V UAY 485E, an Isuzu Bus belonging to Link Bus Services Co. driven by Kawawu Dauda, rammed into a stationary broken-down trailer with registration number UAV 326W, a Mercedes Benz,” was reported.

Kawuwa Dauda, the bus driver, died at the scene of the accident, according to SP Twesige, while several other injured victims were sent right away to Kyenjojo Hospital for treatment.

Link Bus Services’ public relations manager, Tom Alinde, blamed the collision on the Fuso truck drivers for failing to flash an alert sign even though they had parked virtually in the middle of the road.

“I believe the Fuso Truck was parked somewhere on a downslope and had a technical issue. There is no better way to indicate that a problem is around the corner than with an alert or warning sign. So Mr. Kawuwa rammed into it now that he was late, Alinde said to this reporter on Tuesday night.

“He tried to save the bus, but he was very close to the lorry and the log really struck him,” he continued.

This incident occurs against a backdrop of rising traffic accidents, the most of which are caused by trucks that are stopped and blocking the road.

The most recent one is the deadly traffic accident that took the life of notable businessman Apollo Nyegamahe alias Aponye on Thursday. His Toyota land cruiser struck a stationary Fuso hauling Irish potatoes, and Aponye died as a result.

Charles Gutomoi, a former representative for Otuke North in the Lira District, also died in an accident the next day.

Anita Among, the Speaker of Parliament, earlier today ordered the Uganda Police Force and the Uganda National Roads Authority (UNRA) to tow stationed automobiles off the road due to the rise of traffic accidents.

She cited the instance of cars breaking down on the road and remaining there for longer than six (6) hours, impeding traffic and leading to accidents.

“All of these issues would not exist if the Road Act of 2019 was executed exactly as it was intended. In particular, Section 58 of the law requires towing automobiles that break down on the road, and Ms Among urged the Minister to put it into practise.

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