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Ugandans In Tears As ADF Attack Mpondwe School And Slaughter Innocent Students Like Goats

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Ugandans In Tears As ADF Attack Mpondwe School And Slaughter Innocent Students Like Goats

The Kasese people and Ugandans at large have been in shock after the ADF rebels attacked Lubiri secondary school Mpondwe in Kasese killing innocent students terribly.


The terrorist attack happened on Friday late at night killing 25 students and abducting others which has put the country in panic and tears crying for the innocent souls who have lost their lives.

After the attack, the Education Minister First Lady Janet Museveni came out and revealed that there has been a conflict between the groups that wanted to take over the school and the NGO that built that school which could be the cause of the massacre hence leaving innocent children dead.


Taking to social media, netizens have revealed that they are in so much pain after the death of those innocent Students and what pains them more is that after all these killings no one is going to be held accountable.

” My pain is and will always be no one is ever held accountable for those deaths, Investigations disappear with every day that goes by. They are trying to finish omujiji omuto innocent children, okunonyereza kukoma mubigambo RIP” Patience Mim commented via social media.

They further added that the students died in too much pain as there was one who was seen in the video still alive but he got stuck as the metal bar was on his head so he couldn’ t help himself.


” Abaana bafiride mubulumi bambi, I saw someone who was still alive but with a metal bar stuck on him, I hope he is ok because that pain is so unbearable I could feel it. May their souls rest in peace, Nabawonyewnsaba mukama abagumye ela abawonye” Myah Bills commented too.

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