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Alien Skin Provoked My Son – Pallaso’s Mother Reveals Why He Deserved A Hot Slap

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Alien Skin provoked Pallaso – Pallasos mother thinks

Following a physical conflict with fellow singer Alien Skin, Pallaso’s mother Mrs. Prossy Mayanja has at last extended her protection to her son by supporting him.

On May 29, 2023, Pallaso and Alien Skin got into a fight, during which the former gave the latter’s letter a few slaps.

In retaliation, Alien Skin scheduled his Sitya Danger gig at Freedom City for the same night as Pallaso’s Love Fest performance at Lugogo.

Although Pallaso’s date had been ruined by Alien Skin. Pallaso never let that stop him from promoting his program.

The rift between Alien Skin and Pallaso was revealed to the public and discussed in interviews with the media by Mr. Gerald and Mrs. Prossy Mayanja.

Pallaso’s parents Mr. Gerald and Mrs. Prossy Mayanja revelled to the public and addressed the media regarding the schism between Alien Skin and their son.

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